7 Tips on How to Help Young Children Learn to Write

Kids have very small fingers as we all know. They may not develop a good grip on pencils and crayons until much later. The first things that they learn to hold and write need to be something appropriate for their age and grip. Even more important is the method used to teach them to write. A place like https://www.starwalkkids.com/ has many toys and objects that toddlers can use to develop their motor skills. In addition, we have some tips to help you with teaching your kid to write.

  1. You don’t have to use traditional writing materials. Use anything from crayons to thick pencils, sand, salt or chalk to teach them writing in the beginning. Their grip will still be very weak on toys, so use slightly bigger objects.
  2. You can spread some sand or salt on the table or floor and ask them to trace some lines and anything they want. Slowly the idea of shapes and structures can be introduced. Then alphabets can be added slowly with the help of pictures and tracing.
  3. Young kids love to mold clay into different shapes, and this could be a fun way to create and write letters and make geometrical patterns.
  4. Children love multisensory experiences. So something that they can touch, feel and smell and have fun at the same time will teach them many skills at the same time. You can use, foam—shaving foam in the bathtub, bread dough baked in different shapes, or paint and color pencils to teach them to write. Baking alphabet shaped dough is a good fun activity together for the parents and kids.
  5. Teach your child using the various tools available online. These can be fun games that can teach the kids about alphabets and words.
  6. Allow your child to be creative and use imagination to make characters using the alphabets.
  7. Once the child learns to hold a pencil, teach to write by tracing on written words and alphabets which will strengthen the grip further.

Teaching children does not have to be a boring and stressful activity. You can make it enjoyable for both yourself and the kids. Use your imagination to make it interesting and it will become easier.

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