The Reasons Why Creative Education is Important for Kids

Once you are a parent yourself, you’d start appreciating what your parents did!

I am in that stage of life now when I look back at my upbringing and then over my shoulder to thinking that my parents were geniuses. Well, actually they were not. Life back then was so simple devoid of all the blue light giving screens and smart devices.

I recently had been to a talk organized by Mrs. Margaret at the Ladies Club. Mrs. Margaret is a child psychologist who has spent three decades treating children with studying disabilities aka dyslexia et al.

So, when I heard about her giving a small talk on why creative education was foremost important for small kids, I jumped in at it. It was a charity event and I was more than happy to contribute to the cause that I truly believed in.

The case for building creativity in the children of today:

This topic is not new. We do not mean art and craft to be creative here. We are using it as a blanket term for anything not really academic.

Let me give you an example that she gave us all in the opening:

She spoke about two kids who were trying to build a tower with colorful blocks of all shapes and sizes. As the tower grew in size, the girls realized that it was tipsy. They thought about it for a while before they arranged the blocks to create a broader base and slightly narrowing as they went higher up. They realized that the tower was sturdier now. This, by the way, is how creativity works in all of us.

Have you wondered why you get more ideas when you are lying idle or in the shower? It is precisely for this reason that when the mind is not straight jacketed and allowed to freely roam, ideas come up and most often they are creatively brilliant.

I decided to gift my little one something on her big day!

I thought of a tipi tent which also took me back in time when I was a child. The review says the best teepee are those that inculcate creative play. My little one is completely engrossed in all kinds of role play connected with the tent. I am so glad that she has forgotten our IPad now!…

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