Drug Prevention Education: The Role of Parents

Abuse of drugs is one of the leading causes of premature death in the world.  Youth are very much vulnerable and they are at higher risk of getting addicted to drugs. There are various studies which have shown that the drug use by the adolescents can be easily prevented through right interventions.

Parents play an important role in preventing drug abuse and helping them in case they are addicted to it.  There are many drug rehabilitation centers like ontariodrugrehabs.com which the parents can take help from if it goes out of their control.

Parents need to make clear statements

Your children who are in the age group between 12 to 17 years of age who believed that their parent would disapprove strongly the use of substance are less likely to use them that those children who believed that the parent neither disapprove nor approve of them. Hence it is very much critical that you make a strong statement at home how you disapprove their usage.

Ways in which parents could help the children

You need to get involved in the life of your child- You need to play an active role in their life.  Do help them with their homework, ask them to engage in doing chores with you and let them know you are proud of them when they do their job.

Lessen the social media influence- Keep a check on how they spend their time using computer and phones and control their exposure on the same.

Know your children’s friends- Peer groups and friends who use drugs will surely influence your kids too. Hence you should know whom you children are hanging out with. Supervision of friendship and parental monitoring is important to prevent drug abuse.

Above all, give your child a happy home, free of stress. They should be happy to spend time with their family.

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