So wirst du YouTube Partner

If you wish to be a YouTube partner you could enjoy a lucrative addition to the monetization streams. If you be the partner, you are able to monetize the videos on the YouTube channel by way of various paid subscriptions, advertisements, monetization tools, and merchandise. If you aspire to be popular in the YouTube channel, then being a partner is a great way to reach out to the new and diverse audience. Another benefit of being a partner is you could get to use advanced analytical and tracking tools.  Hence it’s quite beneficial for you to be a partner with Youtube. You could check out to get more info about promoting the video on social media.

Ways to be a partner

There are many false rumors going around that your partnership with YouTube is an exclusive program and you should possess a particular number of subscribers to the channel to add to the program. However, it is not tough to get accepted as a partner. Below mentioned are a few ways one can easily become a partner:

  • You should have a good standing wherein the monetization features have not been disabled in past.
  • You need to always upload the video content which complies with the community guidelines and YouTube terms
  • You need to upload consistently quality, original content. The point is quite subjective and you need to ensure that the videos are offering the users with something of value. You need to upload those videos which are advertiser-friendly.
  • You should ensure that the features of monetization are enabled in the country you reside. You could check out this information if you go through the monetization tab that appears in the account settings. If it’s not enabled, you need to enable it. Also, you should submit a few things before you could click ‘accept’.

Take care of a few little things mentioned above and you could be easily a partner with YouTube.

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