Tips For Helping Kids With Homework and Study Habits

If only childhood was all about play and more play, but alas, kids have to study. Controlling a playful mind and little bodies with boundless energy is a daunting task for most parents. It is, therefore, crucial that you set up a study time and homework schedule in the beginning years itself. Here are a few tips if you already don’t have a plan in place.

  1. After school routine: After a long day at school children are mentally tired and they need some time off to rewind and get into their groove. Hence, set up a schedule wherein after their snack they get to watch their favorite show or play with the pet or just laze before they start their homework. Set up a rule that playtime will follow only when the school work is complete. It will take some coaxing and patience before children get into the habit of completing their work before playing. What might work is to give them a choice to decide what they want to do, the possibility of them sticking to their routine is manifold when they are the decision makers.
  2. Set up a study corner/ table: Make it a rule all homework and studies must take place in that designated area. To motivate the child to ensure that the desk or table is free of clutter and there is plenty of room for writing and spreading their things. All stationery like an eraser, color pencils, pencils, and paper must be in reach; have separate organizers for everything and encourage the habit of putting things back where they belong. You can entice the child by keeping colorful and designed erasers and fancy pencils. A bowl of healthy snacks can be placed for added attraction.
  3. No room for distractions: Little children have a very limited span of attention, hence you should make sure that all distractions are removed from the study area.

The process is not easy but rewarding if you start early. In fact, several parents state that board games for 3-year-olds are the carrot they hold to complete their homework. Try it and you won’t be sorry.

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