Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn To Play Musical Instrument

The first time I took a student tours by Peak Performance, I was so impressed with the musical tour that I felt that this was perhaps my life’s calling.

Does music have to be hardwired?

I think not. I have done a genealogical tree of my family and I do not see even a single generation of my linear extended family being inclined to music or even playing a musical instrument at all.

I was never into music myself!

I remember distinctly that I had just celebrated my tenth birthday and my classmates were all about telling everyone what they’d like to become when they grow up. And I kept thinking what I wanted to become.

When the musical show started for which we had come as a school, I was zapped. It was like I was transported to a place of bliss. It must have been a life-altering moment for me. Because after that I remember thinking about music a lot.

I got interested in the music club at school:

Those days, learning instruments in private tuitions was a costly affair. So I decided to join the school band and learn the nuances from my seniors there. I had a great time playing the drums for them. Later I migrated to the guitar

I think everyone should learn to play at least one instrument!

It helps in relieving stress and also rejuvenates. Music therapy is now much sought after and I have written a paper on it. I have done extensive research on how musical instruments have a soothing effect on the brains, especially patients suffering from terminal diseases.

The field study also supports three cases that we empirically handled. There is scientific proof the music does more than just soothing. It can actually help by being therapeutic and curing. Check out my website to know more about our research.

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